Iyabo Ojo and Kemi Olunloyo start another round of fight (Details)

Actress Iyabo Ojo and controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo have started another round of social media fight and it’s all thanks to a blogger.

Recently, a blogger identified as Kemi Ashefon published an article on Iyabo Ojo and her failed marriage with information which the actress found to be false.

She responded by posting what she believes is the true information which contradicts what Kemi Ashefon published.

Sharing the post on Instagram, many fans mistook the name Kemi Ashefon for Kemi Olunloyo whom they immediately started tagging on the post.

In response, Kemi Olunloyo cleared the air but not without throwing jabs at Iyabo Ojo.

She wrote:

Good morning pls people stop tagging me because of your ILLITERACY. The ability to read and write is paramount.
__ clearly referred @iyaboojofepris to @kemiashefonlovehaven and she’s not a “mere Blogger” Iyabo. Some even think it’s Filani. Clearly “Kemi bloggers” are giving Ojo sleepless nights. 

Ashefon who I’ve never met personally in case some of you don’t know was the style editor at Punch for years. A professional Journalist who gave celebrities fame for showing us what they wear and we took Kemi’s punch spread to the tailor to copy. She’s now a Celebrity gossip editor, something you all like yet criticize the reporter. Pls pay attention to her report, true or false. Wedding pics doesn’t mean you are married. This is the biggest problem Canada is having now with Nigerian immigrants. Pics and fake documents then smuggled into Canada with the man who already is a naturalized citizen. Iyabo dare not thread my path as her case is active here as Teni says.

For your case, the bigger picture is that Iyabo is no longer married to her carpenter, she’s busy destroying lives of pastor’s, ministers and traditional rulers and even colleagues wives roping anyone including journalists in her web of lies. After Ibiyeomie’s wife told me to forgive her, I did a video, she says she doesn’t need my forgiveness. What she didn’t realize is that she refused God’s forgiveness and he’s coming to wrap her in his arms soon. “Always focus on the bigger picture”~~Dr @kemiolunloyo ©2007 #KOOQuotes. I don’t know anyone who posts MARRIAGE certificates or wedding photos of their failed marriage ONLINE”.

Kemi Okunloyo and Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo, Kemi Olunloyo

This didn’t sit well with Iyabo Ojo who replied by stating that she will continue to be a nightmare to Kemi Olunloyo.

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She wrote:

“How can you understand what it is to experience a failed marriage? Who in their right senses will marry a daylight witch like you. You would have destroyed your supposed in-laws with ejo oshi. Blabbing like a dog on heat. Where exactly are your remaining children and siblings? Are they not embarrassed by your show of shame and truancy ni aunty Kem Kem? Or they are too ashamed to be identified with a psychopath Hmmm, I can only send out this prayer to you …….
…Oh LORD God of Hosts, the God of Israel, continue to rise up & punish all my enemies especially that witch; show no mercy to my wicked traitors Give them no peace of mind, they will continue to run mad @ the mention of my name They will return in the evening, snarling like dogs and prowling around the city … I will continue to be your worst Nightmare. Kemi Olunloyo, you’re insane PTSDICALLY
There will be no peace for you and your cohorts…. se eni e mad ni .Agbaya elenu ja gutter ……”


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