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How a pregnant woman was attacked 24 times by her lover after his mum found out about their baby

A pregnant woman, Natalie Queiroz, has narrated how she was stabbed by her lover after his religious mother found out they were into each other.

The couple had known each other for 25 years before they got together and Natalie described their romance as a “fairy tale”.

After she and the baby amazingly survived the attack in 2016, she has now opened up about how her “world fell apart”.

Babur Karamat Raja tried to murder his pregnant partner Natalie Queiroz because his religious mum didn’t approve of their relationship. Credit: Natalie Queiroz

By stabbing her in the stomach and chest 24 times with a 12-inch carving knife, Karamat Raja, 43, tried to murder Natalie Queiroz, 43, and their unborn baby.

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What saved Natalie from death is her breast implant which protected her heart. 

The blade missed her baby girl, now three, by just 2mm.

Natalie told the Mirror: “My world fell apart. I was utterly broken, but I needed to carry on for my girls.” 

He made himself look fatter so his victim wouldn’t recognise him Credit: PA: Press Association

When she was eight months pregnant Raja asked her to meet up in Sutton Coldfield town cenrte. 

As she was walking to him a man jumped on her and began stabbing her in the chest over and over again. Two passersby tried to restrain him but he carried on stabbing, and after she broke free he chased her down and knifed her in the wrist. 

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Then he stabbed her in the stomach and held the blade to her throat, before a teenage boy came to her rescue. A police patrol heard her screaming and managed to restrain her attacker. 

There was blood everywhere and Natalie said she could see the inside of her muscles on her arm where he’d sliced at her. 

She was airlifted to hospital and rushed to theatre, where 30 different medics rushed to save her life. 

Natalie was left with horrific injuries Credit: Natalie Queiroz
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