Footage of Neymar being hit by woman who accused him of rape

Below is a video showing Neymar being hit in the head by the woman who accused him of rape.

The video shows the both of them enter into a room and Immediately made for the bed with the lady, Najila Trindade, climbing on top of the footballer as if to assume a sex position.

Seconds later they got up from the bed and she immediately stated hitting Neymar in the head.

The tape leaked just a day after the woman’s lawyers dropped her on discovering inconsistencies that cast doubt on the veracity of her story.

Najila Trindade initial told them she had consensual sex with Neymar in a Paris hotel in May and that he then became violent and assaulted her.

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However, the Sao Paulo-based firm which houses the lawyers, Fernandes e Abreu, further disclosed that in her complaint to the police she”described what had happened as ‘rape’, which is a completely different allegation.

Neymar - Najila Trindade
Neymar – Najila Trindade

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