Fathers Day: Nigerian celebrities reveal their father’s favourite household items

Fathers Day is here again. It’s that time of year to specially celebrate dads and father figures alike in our lives. It is another moment to unwind and relax with family members, recounting fond memories.

It is unarguable that fathers are always addicted to one household item which they hold sacred and also possess one interesting character that stand them out.

Nigerian celebrities share with Vanguard Allure some of these moments and items that are their fathers hold sacred in their homes.

He liked newspapers a lot – Nazo Ekezie, actress

He liked newspapers a lot o. In fact my dad was a news addict. He buys papers every single day. After he died, it took us months to discard the papers in his room.

My car reminds me of my father – Uzee Usman, TV Presenter/filmmaker

My car always remind me of my father. The way I used to open my room window, when i wake up to see if the car is already washed,  that’s exactly how my father does if he wakes up.Once he gets up from his bed, he goes straight to see if they have washed his car. If they did not he will start shouting in Yoruba saying ‘this people want me to go to work late. Why won’t they go and wash my car?’Funny enough, he is yet to have his bath then oh, but his car first. 
He still does it at this old age. The last time I visited, I saw him shouting at some of his boys. He told them to make sure his car is ready because he wants to take me to somewhere immediately.I told him ‘Baba, no worry, I go use my car make we go’.  He now said, ‘ if I no talk like that dem no go wash the car’. 

BBC  was his favorite channel – Victoria Inyama, Actress

My dad can watch BBC news from morning till night.  He used to force me to watch.  That’s where I learned words and pronunciations. Once I see BBC news, it reminds me of him.
Well, my father is late now, but I still carry his bank  and photo ID cards in my purse so, I think he’s always around me. 

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He is fond of his Transistor radio – Annjay Chioma, Singer

My father likes his transistor radio a lot.
He can allow you drive his car but that radio is a no-go area. He listens to news with it 24 – 7.
In addition, my look, behavior, training also reminds me of my father a lot. While growing up, I thought my father hated because my own punishment is always heavy and I guess it was because I was very stubborn (Laughs). We used to fight a lot then.

Shaving stick was his fond item – Omalicha Elom, actress

Shaving sticks always remind me of my father. He liked shaving his beards himself. He hated beards and he believed that shaving is part of cleanliness. So, he was always clean shaved, smooth and clean whenever you see him. We still do miss him a lot. RIP to the world best father.

My mum was all for us – Nani Boi, Filmmaker

It may not be right to address my mum as an item but seeing her at home always reminds me of my late dad who left us when I was just 4 years old and my mum has been doing the job of both father and mother ever since.

We have an old TV as a family member – Judy Austin, Actress

There is this old black and white television with four legs that has become member of our family (Laughs)Although, there’s a flat screen in the house, but my father has refused to get rid of it. Saying it’s one of his oldest properties.


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