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What you should start doing today to be a $Millionaire in the next ten years

Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) has hinted on what to do to be a millionaire in the next ten years especially if you are starting with no money in your account at all.

According to the broadcasting channel, there is a certain amount of money you will need to save every month to be a millionaire by 2029.

CNBC reports that putting away $6,000 every month when you already have $10,000 saved will make a millionaire in the next ten years. If you have more saved up, a monthly savings of $5,500 should make you rich by June 2028.

The magic to this savings is the law of compound interest, where your money does not just sit in the account without increasing much. Though saving can be quite hard, getting into the habit can be of great benefits to anyone in the long run.


Iyanu Sunkanmi

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