What actor Dammy Eke will be remembered for

The death of Nollywood actor and film maker Dammy Eke came as shock to most people as the actor was reportedly sharing drinks with friends in a bar when the incident happened earlier this week.

The late actor who was born on December 19, was popularly called president of Nganga nation. He attended Bereton College, Port Harcourt, Nigeria before proceeding to study Political science at the Pan African Institute of Management and Technology.

The actor has worked with some of the most talented people in movies industry, to mention but few are Ini Edo, Jibola Dabo, Sam Dede

Going through his social media accounts, his last post on Instagram was that of his daughter’s birthday, while he has this unique attitude of adding quotes to his pictures uploaded on Facebook.

Here are some of his wisdom quotes that will not be forgotten soon.

1.Do not fight a man carrying grace, because that grace will disgrace you and you will break like glass and fall on the grass, and race without a trace because grace gives pace in destiny.

2.Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory, but I hold onto memories because they never change, even when people do.

3.If we are in the habit of practicing the opposite of what we preach, our admonition will not only lose their force and cogency but also we ourselves will forfeit every claim to credibility. An ounce of example, it has been widely said, is far better than a ton of percepts.

4.When you know God’s ways, you must surely cause waves.

5.Being a celeb has its gains and pains. The gains are seen by the public, while the pains are experienced by the person alone.

6.Life when you see a man crying in the rain, him alone is not about waiting for the storm to calm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain..nevertheless, when you see a man crying in the rain, him alone knows his tears. However, when a man cries under a serious downpour, only the wise can differentiate the raindrops from the teardrop.


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