Toke Makinwa reveals how God reminded her of who she is through a friend

We all agree adulthood is tasking and a scam as well 😔, media personality Toke Makinwa has revealed how God came through for her through a friend.

The media girl revealed she was having a rough day yesterday and decided to visit a male friend, during the process of their chit-chat the said male friend unknown to him made some point which were of value to Toke and made her remember who she really is.

In her words “I have had a rough couple of days, I visited a friend’s restaurant yesterday and as we sat to catch up it’s like the spirit was speaking thru him and he had no idea. I shared somethings with him and he simply said “now, that’s why you are here”, God let’s you go through the valleys not because he hates you but he needs your voice to testify to other people who feel stuck, to let people know that they too when tried can survive it. You gotta stand tall, you have to survive it, there are people waiting and lives that need to be touched daily by your story. My purpose is my voice, the things I go through is not for me but to help someone who is in the dark to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am a vessel, a Channel, I am becoming more. (I wish God won’t trust me so much sha cos sometimes it be like the fire is about to kill me) adulting is a lot!!!! We stay grateful. thank you friend, God used you to remind me of who I am. May we all have those timely reminders when it’s all going crazy 😜. Good morning ☀️ I am queen 👑”

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