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Sad! Hit-And-Run driver leaves 2-Yr-Old Nigerian girl badly injured

A certain 2-year-old Nigerian girl was taken to a New Jersey hospital with rib fractures, collapsed lungs and in critical condition after a hit-and-run crash on Mother’s Day.

Eno Itoro was walking alone to the church which is just a short walk across the street, on Sunday morning, when she was hit by a driver who simply took off.

“Sad on Mother’s Day. It’s not meant to be this way,” said Itoro Jameson, the victim’s father. When asked why his daughter was alone outside, he said: “My wife thought she was with me. I thought she was with her and I think she came out the door herself.”

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Police later arrested 26-year-old Romane Errol Sr. of Newark. Officials said the suspect was driving with a suspended and expired license.

He was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and causing serious bodily injury. Eno is currently stable at the hospital.


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