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Ramadan 2019: Best quotes and messages to send to your loved ones…(Day 8)

In this month of Ramadan, Kemi Filani News will be bringing to you some Ramadan messages, quotes and words to ponder over.

Today’s quote ” Ramadan is like the rain, it nourishes the seed of good deeds”

For plants to grow and germinate well, it’s needs rain, for human being to survive and develop properly on planet earth, we need water, such is the case of Ramadan.

The rain in this context are the multiple rewards earn in this month. Just imagine how happy you would be when a company announces its promo season, buy 1 get 1 free, but for Ramadan it’s “Do one good deed get thirty rewards free”

No good deeds done in this month is left unnoticed by Allah even if it is as small as removing harmful things from the road. Everything comes with multiple rewards.

We need to strive hard to keep earning this rewards so as to be among the favored one by Allah.



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