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Ramadan 2019: Best quotes and messages to send to your loved ones…(Day 14)

For Newbies, this segment is where we bring you some Ramadan messages, quotes and words to ponder over.

Today’s quote “Islam do not govern just the spiritual development of its followers, but also provide a guideline for their daily routines.”

Basic Islamic rulings on eating.

Stressing on proper care of kitchen utensils, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, “Cover up the utensils and tie the mouth of the water skins.” (Bukhari, Muslim)  This prevents contamination from passing insects and lizards and in houses with open kitchens keeps stray animals away from the food.

Do Not drink Alcohol.
Apart from the health risk and all, a Muslim who consume alcohol’s prayer won’t be accepted for 40days and 40nights.The prohibition on alcohol is probably one of Islam’s most well-known dietary restrictions, with valid reason. Not only does alcohol cause cirrhosis of the liver and reduce concentration resulting in accidents, it can also contribute to conditions such as anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease and even Alzheimer’s.

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Eating of pork is forbidden for you.

This is another one of Islam’s dietary restrictions that would be well known to many. Despite being one of the most consumed meats worldwide, pork introduces various viruses and bacteria in the body. This in turn can contribute to vomiting, fever, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and dehydration, all of which can prove fatal in extreme cases.

Do not consume blood in any form.

Strangely enough, blood that keeps you alive when it flows in your veins can prove toxic if it enters your digestive system, and this is why the zabiha method of slaughter requires blood to be drained from livestock before it is eaten. Blood is rich in iron, which the human digestive system is not designed to handle in large quantities. An iron overdose can cause liver damage, buildup of fluid in the lungs, dehydration, low blood pressure, and nervous disorders.

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