Only God could have done this! Anointing beat surgery…

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God’s power blasted the bullet fired into my body.

The iron metal was dissolved in me.

Prayers saved my life. My wife and I boarded a vehicle to go home.

It was some minutes into the trip that we realised we made a deadly outing. Before we stopped the vehicle, four passengers were already there. One of them called me to ask where we were going after we were then in the vehicle.

Before I could reply , he had shot me at the upper chest area at close range.. They did not only stop there, they were asking me for money to be able to free me.I did not have such an amount in my account.

Yet, In my condition,after being led into the thick forest with others, I called my sister to help get the money. I told her a bit of what happened. They told her that I had a gun set at my head that time.

My sister later told me she did not have that much in her account to transfer to me. She, however, told someone who always helped her to do money  transfer to help her pay the money into my account.

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That one agreed and told my Sister to send my account number into which the money would be paid.God moved. We could only say this after escaping from the throat of hell.The money could not be transferred , as my account number could not reach them because of network issue.

As I said earlier, we were on death mission. Our captors called their sponsor that two of us were left as the others had been done with By this time, I was getting weak.I made as if I had passed on. Though, I told my wife to escape when it seemed our two captors were busy with their phones.I want to say it was God doing His work , making them busy.

My wife ran out of the place,not knowing where she was that night.I also did same when they did not bother about their captives.The Lord gave me strength.Power of prayer was at work coupled with the grace of God. I was decreeing there that there ‘ shall be no loss’.

My sister too,was doing same according to her.I had gone some distance when I heard two gun shots.I thought they had got my wife and shot her.My wife also thought they had shot me to death.At last, God used some people I met in the bush to take me to a nearby Police post.From then I was taken to the hospitalMy wife too got home by the help of God.At the hospital, I was told that surgery was needed to remove the bullets in my body.

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My Uncle at our village called us to bring me home to the village for the removal of the bullet  in a traditional way. That it would cost us eighty thousand naira.My Sister, according to her  later , told us that at that time, she was wondering how a believer would go for traditional way of  removing the bullet asking God to prove  HimselfThank  God. HE came to our rescue.

My sister went to church, stood at the altar and presented the anointing oil blessed by the Pastor to the Lord.She now brought the oil and poured it at the place of gun shot.And miraculously, the bullet came out of its own volition .The mantle in the house of God rose for us.Hallelujah

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