Never marry or tolerate a poor man -Lizzy Gold, actress warns

According to Nollywood actress, who is a single mother of one, she can never marry or tolerate poor men.

She is also asking her fellow ladies to run far away from any man that shows signs of poverty in him.

“l ve zero tolerance for poor men..do a legit job ..work hard ..you ve no excuse to be poor.even in the bible it is stated that Man must till the ground .stop been lazy and stop depending on people to survive.. If you dont have money do not get married even my  brothers are not exempted  from this advice… , she captioned the photo above as shared on her Instagram page.

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Well, her fans reacted and she continued to give them reasons why they should not be with a poor man and for men out there to go and hustle to make a living for themselves before picking a wife.
See the interactions below…


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