Guardiola opens up about becoming Juventus manager

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has spoken concerning reports linking him with a move to replace Max Allegri as manager of Italian Serie A champions Juventus

Guardiola still has a contract with City till the year 2021, but with Allegri stepping down at Juventus, the press in Italy has heavily linked the Spaniard with the club.

“I know today the social media has a heavy influence but I don’t understand, believe me,” Guardiola said when asked by the written press about the speculation after City’s win over Watford two months ago.
“I don’t understand. Why on Twitter something is said and everybody in the big pages ‘Pep for the next four years is going to Juventus’. I don’t understand.

“I don’t understand how the people before say if I go to Juventus or not don’t try to call the club or call myself or call my agent or Juventus or Massimiliano Allegri. I’m sorry for Massimiliano.
“I have two more years here and I’m not going to move. Impossible. Except if they sack me and after I go home.
“But if Manchester City want me, I will stay two more years by far. And hopefully another one. I’m not going to Juventus in the next two seasons.
“It’s your problem. If you want to say [in the media] one day when the guy off Twitter says I’m going to Juventus or to train in the United States of America. What can I say? Nothing.”


The manager took questions from broadcast media later on the same evening, and he made a similar point.

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“I’m not going to Juventus. I have two more years here and I want to stay here. If the club sack me then I am going home but I want to be manager here for the next two years, maybe longer.
“I’m so sorry for Massmiliano Allegri but I don’t understand how one journalist says this and everybody asks me this question. For me, it’s sad that I am asked this question. Why do people ask me this because one guy wakes up and says I’m going to Juventus?”

After the FA Cup final against Watford, Guardiola was asked again.

“How many times do I have to say?” he said.
“I’m not going to go to Juventus, I’m not going to move to Italy. I’m going to stay – if they want – two more seasons here, I have a contract here. I’m satisfied working for this club with these people here, I’m not going anywhere.
“That is what I feel today but football changes a lot and the results cannot be good. The next season maybe will not be good but next season I will be manager of Man City, I said many times.”


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