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Al Noor Mosque in Abuja is a place where ladies market themselves – Man

A man has taken to Twitter where he revealed that Al Noor Mosque in Abuja has become a venue where people show off and where ladies market themselves to young men.

According to the man, the young men appear to be people who don’t really come to the mosque to worship but for the purpose of meeting the ladies marketing themselves, that’s why they are seen only once a year.

@UncleA_B_Umar tweeted:

Al noor mosque in Abuja is being taken as an avenue for show off and the ladies marketing themselves to young men who visit the mosque once in a year….. May Allah make us understand our mistakes and forgive us all.. But these has to stop…. let’s pray!

His post was countered by someone who said there isn’t anything bad in going to a mosque with intentions of finding a spouse. Umar however pointed out that those going to Al Noor Mosque aren’t really going there for a spouse but probably for riches.

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Intentions in islam is very important….. there so many ways in seeking marriage in islam and there are so many other mosques in Abuja but that particular mosque is being classified as that of the rich…. Bro I know what I’m saying. MAY Allah guide us

Umar on Al Noor Mosque in Abuja
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