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Actress Victoria Inyama blames Regina Daniels for the heavy criticisms she’s getting

Actress Victoria Inyama has advised Regina Daniels to bear the consequence of her marriage to 59-year old billionaire Ned Nwoko and stop expecting critics to leave her alone.

Few days ago, Tonto Dikeh, Yvonne Jegede and Helen Paul took sides with Regina Daniels against Nigerians who feel she must have married the man who is 38 years older than her out of love for money.

According to the actresses, Nigerians need to leave the young actress alone and mind their business.

However, Victoria Inyama is of a different opinion from her fellow actresses. According to her, Regina brought the criticisms all on herself.

Victoria revealed that if the actress had not been flaunting a luxurious lifestyle on social media way bigger than she earns, nobody would have been bothered about her.

In the space of a month, Regina Daniels who only stars in low budget movies flaunted two brand new Mercedes Benz. She also bought a duplex for her mother. As if that was not enough, she flaunted a brand new Mercedes Benz Brabus just weeks after she flaunted Rolex wristwatches which costs millions.

All of that and more drew the attention of Nigerians to her with many wondering how an actress who only stars in low budget movies could afford such. That was until the news of her secret traditional wedding to Ned Nwoko surfaced.

Read what Victoria Inyama wrote in screenshot below.

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Dabota Lawson shades Yvonne Jegede over comment on her marriage

In the heat of the debate on the marriage between Regina Daniels and billionaire Ned Nwoko, ex-beauty queen Dabota Lawson has thrown a shade which appears to be directed at actress Yvonne Jegede.

In a post she shared on social media, Dabota Lawson mocked the actress for telling Nigerians to mind their business concerning the marriage of young actress Regina Daniels and her 59-year old billionaire man who is 38 years older than her and has 4 wives already.

Dabota who is divorced from a marriage with Sunny Aku, a billionaire 35 years older than her, shared on Instagram:

"A certain Nollywood actress use to mock me and make statements like “ I can’t believe she got married for money “ actually let me use her words “...

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