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Actress Nnaji regrets ignoring Michael Arowosaiye chats before his suicide

Nollywood actress, Nnaji Charity has expressed how sad she is to know that she ignored the chats of Pastor Michael Arowosaiye who committed suicide.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the actress revealed that Michael Arowosaiye use to chat with her and sometimes call her on phone which she most times ignored.

But the news of his death made her realize that all the while she was ignoring him, he might have been trying to seek help from her concerning the situation that led to his death.

Nnaji Charity wrote: “I really feel guilty of my self right now,,to be honest ” the way we ignore or not respond to chats and calls from our love ones or friends at any point in time is so devastated,,, without knowing what they are passing through at that point of time,, my heart goes to the family of Micheal” the man of God who committed suicide yesterday ,,I saw the post yesterday my heart went into shreds,, because this young man ,use to chat me up sometimes ,he will even call me but I will ignore his calls without knowing the reason why he is calling me ,,, what am trying to say in essences, is this NOTE:THAT SOME OF OUR IGONORED CALLS OR CHAT MIGHTY SAVE A LIFE,,AT ANY GIVEN MINUTE,, PLS LETS MAKE OUT TIME TO GO TRUE THOSE CHAT ,, AND TRY CALLING BACK THOSE MISS CALL you never can tell how far it will go ,,RIP MICHEAL, suicide is not the best option

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