Several ways to rock the ‘neck scarf’ fashion trend

In case you haven’t noticed, the use of neck scarfs on outfits is starting to become a trend again in the Nigerian fashion scene and we have got you covered on several ways to hop on it.

So far on the Kemi Filani News fashion segment, we have talked about the white on ankara fashion mix, the detachable fashion mix, the Ankara and the western sleeve mix, the print and pattern mix, and more!

When was the last time you wore a neck scarf?

Well, you should start now as it is beginning to get buzz again.

Scarves are the eternally and effortlessly chic accessory you can wear anytime!

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They dress up any look.

Just get a skinny silk version that can be tied tight around your neck. Tie it one or two times, depending on the scarf length.

Even the simplest scarf can look incredibly chic, all you need is to style it the right way.

They’re an easy way to add a graphic, arty kick to your ensemble. They offer endless styling possibilities as seen in these samples below:

In conclusion, Neck scarves look awesome with completely anything! Sure, no matter with what clothes you are going to wear this scarf, but what kind of scarf you are about to wear. However, the design and the way you tie it are very important!

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