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Pastor Sam Adeyemi takes his wife out to lunch in celebration of her birthday

Nike Adeyemi has shared a picture showing her and husband, Pastor Sam Adeyemi having lunch together in celebration of her birthday.

Nike Adeyemi added a new age yesterday and her husband felt the best way to celebrate with his wife is to go eat out at an unindentified restaurant.

Taking to Instagram, Nike Adeyemi shared an appreciation message to all those who wished her well on her day.

“THANK YOU NOTE About yesterday, was overwhelmed by love
I am thankful to my sweetheart, family and friends, yes you here and everyone for their show of love, from posts to comments, likes, to text messages, calls, vice messages, gifts, surprises, 
even kind thoughts not expressed, silent and overt prayers and praises to God on my behalf. “

She added:

“I am grateful for the good will from far and near.
May you be surrounded by love. May God keep us all. #grateful#iamloved
PS: still trying to catch up with posts, texts so if I don’t get round to replying or acknowledging, kindly bear with me.”

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