Only God could have done this! My ‘helplessness’ and ‘hopelessness’ became a full blown health issue

There is nothing the Lord God Almighty can not do.The resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ is still at work raising the dead as it was in the beginning.I was not yet dead but almost pronounced dead  when the hand of the Lord touch me on my sickbed.

I would want to spare you the details but to summarise my then – condition of helplessness and hopelessness.The ailment started as ordinary  sickness… Later it developed into a full blown health issue that after so many visits to the hospital, my condition grew worse.It got to a stage I could not hold a pin not to talk of moving from a place to another.

I was just there lying on the bed .Imagine me calling my husband or anyone’around  me to come and turn me to another side before I could change my position?It was a life in hell while still livingOne thing kept my life on hold though; and that was if I would end life that way, let me be before the Lord till HE came.

Only God could have done this! Who wanted Yinka Ayefele dead...

This I did watching the DunamisTelevision for life service.And this day came. It became a day I was set free. It was a day the prison gate was opened with the finger of God for me to get up and walk through it to a new life.I was following every session of the life broadcast of the day service.

 As it is usual for the Man of God, Pastor Paul Enencbe to do, even during the Word ministration, he was making some brutal declaration against any evil deposit in our body. Such had to go !I prayed along when he asked the congregation to pray ; and also to say a loud Amen when he prayed.The Pastor then told us to begin to use that part of our body we could not  use before  .This is my testimonyI tried to move myself.

Only God could have done this! My family mocked me that despite my academic achievement...

And behold I moved, turning myself. I tried to hold things with my hand. And   things were held, with almost withered fingers of mine I tried too, to get off the bed, strength came upon me and I found myself  moving about in the room , praising God God be merciful , distance does not prevent the move of God in the lives of His people. To the Lord belongs the issue of death.HE makes alive and HE killsI want to appreciate HIM for sparing my life Hallelujah

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