Only God could have done this! I was battered, shattered and scattered..

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I came to God battered, shattered and scattered. I had tried to make it in life following my dictates and opinions of others.

Yet, my life was grounded. Things were not working for me.With emptiness  and helplessness in life,  I cried to Him Who made the heavens and the earth.And as HE had promised in His Word that when we cry to Him,HE answers us.

Only God could have done this! We battled SS Anaemia for 17 years...

In one of the services, thank God I did not miss my day of salvation,  I had an encounter with the Lord The Word came out that, ‘ There is someone here, you came battered and scattered.

There is something like……a master controlling your life…..‘I saw it was for me. I went out and I was prayed for. I fell under anointing.That was the beginning of my deliverance. I came totally under a new Master – Jesus.

A new management now began to reshape my entire being. From then, things began to change for the better for me.

The grace and help of God came into manifestation. What I could not achieve by my power were rolling out themselves before me.There was a turnaround.

Only God could have done this! Anointing beat surgery...

God transformed everyone in the family.  Now  HE has settled us in our own houseGlory to His holy name. Only God could have done this .I thank Him for the great change HE made to come my way.

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