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Avengers End game: Iron Man’s death breaks hearts

Sorry, this is a major spoiler if you haven’t seen the Avengers End game!

Sadly, one major character dies in Avengers: Endgame and it is the mostly loved Iron Man aka Tony Stark.

We won’t go down the full roster of casualties right now, but we can address the most climactic of them: the final sacrifice of Tony Stark.

iron man thanos Avengers

Iron Man perishes while defeating the Movie’s villian, Thanos, and is subsequently laid to rest by his friends and family. A notable face at his burial is a lanky teenage boy with a vaguely emo demeanor.

The kid is none other than Harley Keener, as portrayed by the fantastically named actor Ty Simpkins and he featured in Iron Man 3.
We were first introduced to him when he somewhat randomly crossed paths with Tony during the course of the third Iron Man movie, when the superhero found himself without working armor in scenic Rose Hill, Tennessee.

Tony stumbled into Harley’s family’s garage, where the boy ended up helping Iron Man repair his suit. They bond and together take on the baddies who end up holding Harley hostage; the kid uses a flash grenade Tony gifted him in order to escape.

But Tony eventually leaves Harley on the side of a road in order to continue his quest for vengeance and justice. It’s a somewhat sad ending to their buddy comedy, until we learn, at the end of the movie, that Tony sent a ludicrous amount of science equipment to the whiz kid.

Will we see more of the growing Harley? Who knows. He was invented for Iron Man 3, so there’s no comic-book template for him having a role in the Avengers’ misadventures, but maybe the urge will strike him to take up evil-fighting and they’ll let him join out of devotion to their late friend?
We will find out later but until then, let us all mourn the death of our beloved Iron Man.

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