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The god’s have spoken and you are about to hear through their mouth piece, and see through their eyes!

A lot of news platforms have been reporting different news about teenage actress, Regina Daniels and her 59 years old billionaire ‘husband’, Prince Chinedu (Ned) Munir Nwoko.

Some reports even stated that she dumped, fellow Nollywood child actor, Somadina Adinma to become the 5th/6th wife of the serial husband Ned!

As an oracle of the gods, after consulting them, they spoke to me. They revealed everything concerning the marriage and her (Regina) relationship with Somadina.

Here is what they said:

On relationship with Somadina:

They never dated!  They were just friends. In fact, they met for the first time few years ago at a movie location. The gods whispered “they were just close friends, even if they had something, it wasn’t official, probably best of friends, or friends with benefits”. The gods went further by saying “do you think he (Somadina) is up to her class? He can’t handle her”!!


On Regina’s alleged latest acquisition, A Mercedes Brabus:


The god’s after revealing the plate number of the car to me, they said, the car is NOT officially hers, but she has unlimited access to it. “The Brabus with an Abuja plate number YAB-486 BH was NOT bought in her name but in Ned’s name, although she has unlimited access to the car”

On her relationship with her ‘husband’ Ned: The gods revealed to me that for now, Regina remains his favorite wife, as she is presently his most treasured, among his wife. Typically what you call a ‘trophy wife”. They also revealed she has unlimited access to all his possessions. Including his cars, houses and private jet! None of his other wives do. The gods said “None of Ned’s wives or concubines have access to his Rolls Royce (valued over 110 million naira), his private jet and his expensive Ferari”

I heard the cry of a baby, I saw a building in London! Yes, while consulting the gods on this matter, I heard the cry of a baby; I heard the words “Four months gone”, I saw a man rubbing the belly of his young beautiful bride! I saw a building in London, as a push present. The vision wasn’t clear, but I saw it!

The god’s have spoken! Let me take my leave, see you, when I hear from them again


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