Achike Udenwa is the worst governor ever in Imo State – Okorocha

Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha has described a former governor of the state Achike Udenwa as the wort to have governed the state.

Okorocha made this known in reaction to what he calls media attacks orchestrated by Achike Udenwa against him and his immediate predecessor Ikedi Ohakim.

In his speech, Okorocha challenged Achike Udenwa who he described as worst Imo Governor to publish his achievements in the eight years he served people of the state.

In less than four weeks, Chief Achike Udenwa who governed Imo State from 1999 to 2007 has launched unprecedented media attacks against Governor Okorocha, Chief Ohakim and President Buhari.

While Chief Ohakim had replied him, we decided to hold our peace because we believe that at times, silence is golden. But the two-term former governor has continued the attack on Imo governor for reasons that could only be known to him.

“Chief Udenwa is adjudged the worst governor Imo State has had; both military and civilian. He blew away the eight years he held sway as governor and should not blame anybody but himself.

If he feels that this claim is false, let him be patriotic enough to publish his achievements for the eight years he was governor and let Rochas Okorocha publish his own achievements for eight years also, since it is now eight years versus eight years. In fact, he is envious of Okorocha because while he left no footprint behind, Rochas Okorocha is leaving behind enviable footprints as Imo governor for eight years.”

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