What parents of children trapped in collapsed school building are saying

Some parents whose children were victims of the Lagos collapsed building that house a school have spoken up concerning the tragic incident.

The incident occurred yesterday in Ita-Faji area of Lagos island. About 41 persons have been rescued from the debris of the collapsed building which also house residential apartments.

One parent said:

“I have rescued my five-year-old son, he survived; now I’m here to help others but the LASEMA officials are making things very difficult and slow.”

He further stated that another child killed in the accident would have been alive had events gone another way.

“Today is the boy’s birthday; he said he didn’t want to go to school because it’s his birthday but his mother insisted.
He was among those that first died.”

Another said:

“A woman couldn’t afford fees so she came to beg in the morning but the proprietor turned her back with her child; she has just heard what happened and is thanking God.”

Mr Ayoola Abdulfatah, whose son asked him to pray for him before he went to school said:

“He woke up late for school. After taking his breakfast, he requested for money but I told him there’s no need for money since he has his lunch with him. Then he said, ‘daddy, pray for me before I go’, and I did exactly as he requested. He walked to school which is just few metres from the house.

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” I don’t think I can sleep tonight. My late son and I did almost everything together; we ate together, prayed together, spent time discussing. I was introducing him to life because he was my eldest child,” Ayoola said.

A sad reprot from Twitter says a man threatened suicide because his children died in the incident when they resumed after weeks of staying at home due to his inability to pay school fees.


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  1. As bad as it sounds we should sometimes listen to our children. Today, they would be saying ‘ how I wished I listened’ . I know nobody likes their children to miss school. But then when God disposes, there’s nothing we can do.

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