Timaya will only shave his beards if…

Successful dancehall singer, Timaya has kept his signature beards for five years and although he cut off his signature dreadlocks at some point, he says it will take more for him to shave the beards.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, Timaya talks about his beards, his twelve year career, his daughters and more.

On his beards, Timaya said, “Maybe $100m would make me shave off my beard. Other than that, I won’t shave it off until I feel like it’s time. I have been keeping the beard for about five years.

“When I cut the dreadlocks some years back, I felt it was necessary at the time. It represented where my mind was at, at that time. It’s also rather important to keep reinventing (yourself), to stay relevant.”

On the trajectory of his career and the possibility of diversifying, the Ukwu singer said, “Right now, I have no interest in featuring in movies, but who knows. I’m going to be making music for as long as I live. To be honest, it hasn’t crossed my mind to ever quit music because it is not a second option for me, so whatever challenges I face, I always find a way to get past them

“If I was not a singer maybe I’d be working in a bank and that was what my dad wanted me to do. I’d probably have been miserable at it as I can’t imagine doing anything other than music, to be honest”

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Timaya also reveals that the most important people in his life are his daughters and their birthdays remain the best days of his life. “My children mean the world to me so making out time to be with them, teaching them and watching them grow, is a priority for me. I don’t joke with that. My happiest days on earth would be the birthdays of all my children”, he said.


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