Much ado about Employer who called job seeker ‘rude” for complementing how she smells

Actually right about now, there is a brouhaha on Twitter NG after a lady took to the social network to tweet about her reaction to a job seeker (a male) who came for an interview and while leaving said to her ’you smell nice’.

The lady tweeting about this feels, ‘that’s very rude of him’. She tweeted;

“I interviewed a guy for a job yesterday and when he was leaving he said to me: “you smell nice” and I told him that’s very rude of him, he left looking stupid. A lot of men don’t have manners!!! If telling someone after an interview is what you would say, good for you…”

After that tweet popped out of her account it has made Twitter NG go wild, as you would expect Twitter NG would talk! And guess what? It’s even trending on the platform.

Well reacting to that tweet, some say maybe it’d have been better if the guy and the lady were of the same sex.

Another group believes it’d have been better if the lady replied him by saying “Thank you” and then telling him that his comments were inappropriate.

See reactions below;


A user also narrated his own story;


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