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Let’s tell you about the Ghanaian Village where childbirth is prohibited

Amazingly, there is a village in Ghana where childbirth is prohibited. Located in the south, the Mafi Dove village is considered to be holy land.

None of the 5000 inhabitants of the Mafi Dove village was born there as one of the customs of the land prohibits childbirth in the land, as it is seen as an offense to the gods.

Pregnant women reaching their due dates are taken away to neighboring villages and must remain till they give birth and the babies umbilical cords fall off.

Apart from the prohibition of childbirth, the village still holds two major traditions strongly.
Firstly, the prohibition of rearing animals in the village, as a matter of fact, it is forbidden to this day. However, animals can be brought in for slaughter.

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The other custom which seems equally as weird as the first two is that there is no burial ground in the village. Deceased villagers would have to be buried at the cemeteries of other communities.

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