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Lady marries another man after dumping man who sponsored her and siblings to school

A Twitter user has shared the story of how a lady dumped the man who sponsored she and her siblings to school to marry someone else.

According to the lady who shared the post, the story has now made her to conclude that all gender are scum.

“This girl dated this man for 4years, he paid her way through school and he still paid her younger brothers school fee just last week. Last Saturday was her traditional marriage with another man. I saw a man cry bitterly today. Scum isn’t gender based. EVERY GENDER IS SCUM,” she tweeted.

She added:

“Some family are so evil. They refused to change the traditional marriage date after they heard the news of the elections postponement because of their selfish reason. They did just family family marriage with little or no friends available from 6pm to 8pm. God safe us.”

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A lady also buttressed her point that females can’t be exempted from the guilt of breaking hearts by sharing the predicament of her friend.

“A friend of mine dated a guy who splits his salary in half with her..paid her bills through uni, tushed her up, help her with nysc zoning. The babe dump d guy n married a guy that won’t give her 1 naira for anything, guess what? She’s been beaten black n blue in the man’s house..”

“Shame wee not let her leave! She’s still very much blinded by “love” for the man so there’s nothing u can say to her she won’t budge.”

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