Lady annoys feminists on Twitter, gives reasons why women are not equal with men

A lady on Twitter has given reasons why shw believes women are not equal with men.

In her post which didn’t sit well with some feminists, she stated that the fact that a woman cannot beat a man im return when he does that to her is enough to show that both sexes are not equal.

Below are tweets from the thread she created.

“Gender equality! So you think you are equal to a man huh? OK whenever he beats you fight back, you guys are equal right? If he raped you rape him back or order him raped, No! You don’t have to take the pregnancy alone spilt it into halves & give him his share, you are equal!”

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“Y do you hv to bare d pain of given birth alone let human rights court equally share the pain for both of you! Dnt forget to employ a female security in ur house, Feminist bt u couldn’t equal everything at d end of d day. Feminist is just an abbreviation of female stupidity!”

A lady chipped in by stating that the analogy she used in buttressing her point totally have nothing to do with equality. See Tweet below.

She replied by insisting on her stance:

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