Frank Donga finally got a job, then he told his employer “you smell nice” and this happened

Nigerian comedian, Frank Donga has released a new skit is titled “The Interview: Compliment”. The comedy skit taps into the trending topic of passing compliments during or after job interviews.

In the video, Frank Donga could be seen complimenting his interview out of excitement of finally landing a job after several search. Watch below.

Actually right about now, there is a brouhaha on Twitter NG after a lady took to the social network about her reaction to a job seeker (a male) who came for an interview and while leaving said to her ’you smell nice’

The lady who made the tweet felt it was ‘very rude of him’. She shared:

“I interviewed a guy for a job yesterday and when he was leaving he said to me: “you smell nice” and I told him that’s very rude of him, he left looking stupid. A lot of men don’t have manners!!! If telling someone after an interview is what you would say, good for you…”

See reactions HERE


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