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Alarming! 40million Nigerians have kidney ailments; find out if you’re among

Ace broadcaster, Emmanuel Ugolee has fought and is still fighting to save his life from end stage chronic kidney disease.

The TV star who had undergone different staged of surgery is sounding a warning note to Nigerians on the level at which kidney disease is eating over 40 million people up in the country.

Below is the insightful wisdom shared by Emma.

On that note, please do have your kidney checked in order not to be sorry.

“This is not a curse. It is an all reality statement of fact.
You would be told that you must spend a minimum of 12hours weekly having your blood be drained out, purified and returned every two days. This would cost you averagely N100k a week or N1m in 2months and 2weeks or you would die.
Being able to afford this, you would still find discoloration of your face, difficulty with keeping physical balance, frequent hospital trips and procedures, easy susceptibility to infection, steady nausea, regular bloating, daily popping of a huge collection of pills

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Your pursuit and need for money would be constant. The result of ignoring this can be fatal. Alot of your loved ones would look for the shortest routes out of your life, you would know disrespect from the least expected and undeserving quarters, you would need unusual strength to stay emotionally balanced, You would meet and be close with alot of people going through something similar but many of them would die. At one point suicide may seem like a welcome option.
It would all begin to happen to you after a doctor tells you: “i am sorry you have lost your kidneys” IF YOU DO NOT GET CONCERNED ABOUT THE STATE OF YOUR KIDNEYS NOW
There’s is more. Too much more to mention here but one more i must mention is the National Association of Kidney Doctors statistics that confirms that almost 40million Nigerians already have kidney related issues. Anybody can sufffer from Kidney disease. You do not want to be one of them.
Excess protein, abusing pain killers, high blood pressure, diabetes are a few of the many leading doors that can make you a partaker of this horror.
But the good news is, you can have no business with any of these. From one simple 10mins test for N10k. Its called a renal function test. Please take it asap. Please note that you can loose 80% of your kidney function without a single symptom.
Today the 14th of March is world kidney day. Please be aware
Emma Ugolee.

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This post is not about me. It’s about you.

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