Tyler Perry reveals he will no longer play the role of Madea

Actor and producer, Tyler Perry has taken time to speak on the inspiration behind the character Madea.

Since hitting the screen in 2001, Madea has become a household name with many amazed at Tyler Perry’s interpretation of the character.

The star actor has however stated that he is moving on from playing that role and into other big things.

About how he got the idea for Madea, Tyler Perry said:

“It was an actress with a hit song on the radio, and she didn’t show up. I was playing Madea, who was only supposed to be on stage for two minutes, but I ended up incorporating the lines from the other character and being on stage for the whole time. To look at it from there to here, I really fell into it. This was meant to be.”

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Why he no longer wants to play Madea:

“I just don’t want to be her age, playing her. I’m turning 50 and I just want to do different things.”

Tyler Perry also spoke on how he handles criticism:

“Let me tell you what happened in this very theater. I had two critics who sat in the exact same row and watched ‘Madea Goes to Jail.’ They both saw the same play, they both gave very different reviews. One talked about how amazing and wonderful it was, the other said it was the worst thing he had ever seen. This is people’s opinion and there are people who listen to people’s opinion, and they’re valid and valuable opinions. But to me, when I happen to stumble upon one, I look for: what is the truth in this? And what they don’t get. You saw the audience, you see the engagement and the reaction. I have a shorthand and communication with them. So if a critic says ‘why is this-and-this-and-this-and-this happening, he doesn’t understand the people I’m targeting.”

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