Jarell Miller’s trash talk about me is cheap talk – Anthony Joshua

World boxing heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua has stated what he feels about his next opponent Jarell Miller as a fighter.

Anthony Joshua made this know during a press conference about their upcoming fight where he stated that Jarell Miller’s trash talk about him is nothing but cheap talk.

“He’s slow. He’s not a puncher. Like a Gorilla back. Ex-kickboxer. Probably be better off in the NFL. Substance abuse — got caught on PEDs. I can’t really respect that so talk is cheap and I’m just gonna back it up in the ring so I really don’t have much to say.

“But with me, right, I think like stats and facts don’t lie. Records have been broken here, in MSG, what we’re doing. My stats don’t lie when you compare records. So it’s just jealousy, man. It’s just hate for no reason. I respect my opponents but if they disrespect me they get the worst of me as well, so it’s just negativity and hate…

“[Miller’s stamina] is not that good, he gasses out. Like, what’s this about his stamina?! I don’t really rate his stamina…a fighter gets tired when he gets hit and he gets hit a lot, so it doesn’t matter how good your stamina is — if I keep punching his jaw, his body, he’ll soon fade. So he’ll soon find out what it’s like.

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“Look, the best chance he has is to land a big right hand or left hook, but that’s not really gonna happen so he’s gonna get beat…[he’s gonna load up]. It’s what they resort to in sparring, when I spar, in fights sometimes. It’s the fight or flight instinct, so it’s ‘giving it that one shot before I blow a gasket and I don’t have anything left to give.’”

On if he considers himself more of a boxer:

“I just like to win. So it doesn’t really — I can fight on the inside with Povetkin: right hook to the body, left hook to the head, boom, follow it with a right hand. I’ve had some fights where it’s a straight one-two down the pipe. Fights where I’ve hurt people with uppercuts. So it’s not so much like ‘oh he has an unbelievable right hand,’ it’s just more so like ‘he’ll find a way to kind of win, and he can do a bit of everything.”



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