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Here’s how Musiliu Akinsanya became the popular MC Oluomo

Known to many as Mc Oluomo, Musiliu Akinsanya has come to mean many things to different people, however, he is convinced that he has had a lot of impact on many lives.

MC Oluomo who is the treasurer of the Lagos state National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), has been making the rounds in the media for unsavoury reasons but we think it is high time we learnt a little more about him.

Although he has made it clear that only a few people who are close to him really get to know the “carefree person that he is,” we can start by telling you how he came to be dubbed MC.

Correspondents from City People caught up with him for a recent interview, during which he revealed the mystery behind the nickname.

He said, “The name MC that people call me started from when I was in school. It was one big woman who named me MC when I was young. She is now in Canada. She is a Mama Alaye.

“Then, when we were young we used to play a game called Game and Watch. My name is Musiliu but she turned it into MC. We used to move from school to school challenging ourselves so she would tell people to go meet that MC Boy. That was how the alias stuck.”

Mc Oluomo also revealed that contrary to popular belief, he is a very easy going guy who has been helpful to many people.

“People say I am this, others say I am that. But I can tell you the real MC Oluomo is a simple and easy-going guy who is not as tough as they say. I have helped so many people to wriggle out of problems. I have touched so many lives.

“All I have done all through my adult life is to keep helping people. I don’t like to see people in trouble or suffering. I usually use my contacts to get people out of trouble. That is why you see many people hanging around me everywhere I go.”

When asked about the place of his birth, he said, “I was born at No.11 Oshodi Road, at Agbo ile Atere. My daddy is from Ejigbo, Lagos State. I related to Ejigbo, Isolo, Oshodi, Igbeba. Those are the 4 areas I am linked with. But really I was born in Oshodi. That is where my father was born.

“My dad and some others established that place. My dad married from Agedegbe family and he had a child from there. That is why all the Obas of that area honoured me with the Oluomo title.

“About 22 Kings honoured me then. It was at Isolo, at Oba Kabiru Agbabiaka. I have the certificate with me. I grew up in Oshodi. But when my dad died, my mum took us away from there because of the polygamous nature of the house. At that time, I was at Afolabi Primary School in Oshodi. I was in Primary 3 then at the time my dad died.

“My mum now took me to Abeokuta, her hometown. I was in Abeokuta when I did my Primary 6, at Olu Efon Primary School in Abeokuta.

When asked if he ever imagined that he would be this successful in life, he said,  “Yes and No. When I was young, the story my mother told me was that whenever I am coming back from school my schoolmates will follow me home and that is where they will all eat lunch before they then disperse to go to their various homes.

“Even my first wife, Alhaja Modinat Adunni Akinsanya and I met in Primary School when we were very young. Then, we would hold ourselves. She went to Methodist Primary School. I went to Afolabi Primary School. And she is still my wife till today. My mum used to tell me that people always gather round me, that they always wanted to stay with me, to play with me and we would play with sand. She will be selling her wares in front of the house on Oshodi Road in those days.

“She said also when I was in Primary 5 in Abeokuta; my schoolmates also liked me then. But I never thought it will turn out this way. When I got to Primary 6, I now realized that my mum could not pay my way any longer through school, so I became a Conductor then at Adatan. They used to call it Interstate then. We would sit on the bonnet. I used to hang around those boys at that Adatan Filling Station. Once I get there a lot of boys will gather round me.

“But despite the fact that I grew up on the street, as a Conductor till now I never joined my contemporaries to smoke Indian Hemp or even Cigarette, or take alcohol. Many people are always surprised. They are always shocked to hear this.”

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Lady comes up with an interesting way to prevent girls from flirting with her boyfriend

A woman has come up with an interesting way to ward off intruders from flirting with her man.

Holly Cockerill, 24, made a T-shirt for boyfriend Karl Hennan with her face on it.

A caption she printed on the shirt includes a warning to other women, which reads:

"If your reading this you've been looking at my man for too long. And this is how I'd be looking at you if I was here. Hi I'm Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!"

Holly's caption for the photo reads:

*Don’t think Karl likes his new top I got him for his birthday x wear it with pride hun x."

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Actress, Funmilayo “Ijewuru” Ogunsola dies of heart attack in Ibadan

Veteran Nigerian actress, Funmilayo Ogunsola popularly referred to as “Ijewuru” and one of the wives of the late “I show Pepper” has died from an heart attack in her residence in Ibadan.

One of her relation who she’s survived by revealed this on Facebook apage saying:

I never thought I’d ever use these pictures to say RIP to you ma but who am I to question you, God?. Mother like you is scarce. A very good, prayerful, and friendly mother to all. We (Ogunsola Isho Pepper) are all going to miss you Grandma Ogunsola Funmilayo Iya Ijewuru. May God forgive you of all your shortcomings? ???? and grant you eternal rest?. Rest on the Bossom of our Lord Christ till we meet and part no more

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How a Warri girl trapped me in school – Bovi

Nigerian comedian, Bovi has shared the experience of how he fell "mugu" for a lady he knew back in school.

According to him, the lady used seduction to have her way with him.

Bovi shared on social media:

"Tori olorun!! In university I had this classmate. Pat (not real name) was a beautiful black warri girl. Exams were fast approaching. Though Pat and I were cool, she started to draw nearer.

She would sneak up on me in the library while I read; her breasts pressing against my back and her warm breath gently fanning my ear lobe. “Wetin you dey read”, she would casually ask. I honestly thought Pat was in love but before that thought could grow, she cut short her seduction process. Or let’s say she jumped to the end once she saw I was buying her every move and aiming for the kill. What...

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