Hallelujah Challenge 2019 kick starts with over 20,000 participants

The 2019 edition of the annual social media Hallelujah challenge programme, started on Monday with over 20, 0000 live participants.

This year’s edition holds for 21 days starting from 12 midnight to 1 am.

During the first day of the 2019 edition of the Hallelujah Challenge, Nathaniel Bassey asked God for peace all through and after the general elections.

According to the convener and gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey, he started off the programme in 2017 as an inspiration from God.

“It started as an inspiration from God,” he said. “It was the leading of the holy spirit, following up on something we called the ‘Tongue challenge’ which was initially praying for one hour every month in the month of May.

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“When we were done, I just sensed that God wanted us to praise him in the month of June, in the midnight hour based on Acts 16:25-26 and the kind of praise should be the hallelujah kind of praise.”

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