2019 elections: Eko bridge Tankers cleared over night as Buhari visits Lagos

Lagosians have noticed and decried the immediate clearing of tankers along the eko bridge down towards ikorodu road following the announcement of the president, Muhammadu Buhari’s vist to Lagos state.

Many have expressed shock that the situation with the tankers which had become cause for concern but seemed too difficult to solve for months unend, suddenly found a solution over Buhari’s visit.

Some wondered who gave the order for the clearing of the tankers, that couldn’t have done so all these while, as others called out the government over their eye service.

A Twitter user lamented the fact that one year ago, he was knocked of the Eko bridge while on a bike because of these tankers, breaking several bones in his body and killing the bike rider on the spot.

Countless accidents have occurred in the three years since these tankers and trailers began to plague the Eko bridge/Ikorodu road, causing gridlock traffic all over Lagos.

The people of Lagos have pleaded with the Government of Lagos state to do something, anything about these drivers and their vehicles, all to no avail.

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See some of the aggrieved tweets below:

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