These are the most searched presidential candidates in Nigeria

Here’s a report showing the most searched presidential candidates in Nigeria as the build-up towards the elections draw near.

Statistics show that presidential Candidates Atiku, Buhari and Moghalu are more favoured based on their higher rankings in the search as they came first, Second and Third respectively, which gives a clue as to how popular the candidates are amongst the voting population.

With Atiku taking the Lead over Buhari, one begins to wonder how the votes would turn out especially in the northern part popularly known for showing full and unwavering support for any candidate that emerges from their region.

Previous elections have proved easy for the voting populace from the north as they have only produced one candidate, but the elections of this year will see the voters having to decide on which of their preferred candidates would be getting their support, thereby dissolving that which would have been a supremacy for the northern region.

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