Meet the women who accused R Kelly of sexual abuse in #SurvivingRKelly

Since the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R Kelly hit the airwaves, it has become a instant hit drawing different reactions from people of all walks of life. The documentary is about singer R Kelly and his sexual abuse of underaged girls. Many of the girls and their guardians have come out to speak up on the abuse suffered in the hands of the singer.

Below are a few of the women featured in the documentary Surviving R Kelly.

1. Lizette Martinez (41 yr old)

She and the singer met when she was a high school senior in 1995. At that time R Kelly was 28 while she was 17. They immediately started a ‘relationship’ aftter meeting at a mall. Lizette fell for him because she thought he was interested in helping with her career just as he helped the late Aaliyah who was 15 at the time. The relationship however turned abusive as she got hit by the singer for something as little as looking his male friends in the eye. She also contracted an STD from him and suffered a miscarriage at 19.

2. Asante McGee (40 yr old)

A one-night stand for Asante quickly turned into a nightmare after she met him in 2013. She however did not expect the shocking abuse and violence that followed. Three years later she managed to scape from his mansion where she lived with his ‘rules’ and outrageous sexual demands. Since escaping, Asante has tried to help some parents get in touch with their daughters, despite the singer preventing them from maintaining contact with their family and loved ones.

3. Lisa Van Allen (38 yr old)

She also suffered physical abuse from the singer whom she met at 17 and was coerced into having a threesome with a girl who was 14. His response when she challenged him for liking underage girls: “If you love someone, you don’t try to change them”. She was one of those who testified against him in his publicised child pornography case.

4. Andrea Drea Kelly (44 yr old)

They met back in 1994 when she was 19 and was one of his dancers. She got married to him three years later. The singer’s reading problems amd the way he managed his team was what drew her to him. She however suffered emotional, sexual and physical in their marriage and had to seek his permission to do basic things, including eating and using the toilet.

5. Sparkle (43 yr old)

The girl in the video of the 2008 child pornography case against R Kelly is Sparkle’s niece, who Buzzfeed reported still lives with him. She introduced the 14-year-old to the singer hoping that he would mentor and build her career. He however took advantage of her and reportedly made her perform sexual acts on him and other women. Buzzfeed also reports that she is still living with him 11 years after the case.


6. Jerhonda Pace (25 yr old)

Jerhonda first met him during the 2008 infamous child pornography case. She was barely 15 on their first encounter. At 16, he invited her to a party instructing her to tell the guests that she was 19. He ensured she dressed in schoolgirl outfits and was also required to perform sexual acts on other people while he video taped it. A more dangerous side was when he allegedly slapped and choked her until she passed out. His dehumanising acts made her to leave him and she claimed to have signed a settement deal for $1.5 million dollars when her parents pressed charges. He has not fully paid the amount.

7. Mitchell Kramer (48 yr old)

Her daughter, Dominique met R. Kelly in 2009 at age 18. She lived/worked for him for 9 years. Their relationship started out professionally when she worked as his assistant, but progressed to romantic. He made her cut ties with her family. When Michelle suspectsd something fishy when her daughter called her to tell her she was going off her phone line. At first she though she was just acting growno Dminique stopped showing up for holidays and eventually stopped calling home. Michelle worked with other parents whose daughters were still living with him in 2017 and finally rescued her daughter.

8. Kutty Jones (42 yr old)

Kitti believes her story was dismissed by people because she was 33 at the time she met him in 2011. Working as an OAP in Chicago, listeners harassed her over his sex tapes which caused her distress. He began abusing her when she tried to address the sex tapes. She also spoke about a young woman she met whom he claimed to have trained like ‘his dog’ for 10 years.



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