Kings Sunny Ade’s wife, Hon. Ajoke Riskat Adegeye, talks about his romantic side

One of the wives of King Sunny Ade, Hon. Ajoke Riskat Adegeye has talked about his romantic side.

The popular Lagos female politician in a recent chat with City People, gushed about the music legend, King Sunny Ade saying
“He is a nice man. He is my own darling, amorous husband. We have been happily married now for over 40 years. Its been over 4 decades.

Our marriage has been blessed with the fruit of the womb. He is not just my husband, he is my father. He has been a generous husband to me. He is my father, my uncle, my mother, he is everything to me. He is somebody that we have been together.
For over 4 decades back without ramour or misunderstanding. Even when we disagree atimes are quickly resolve it on the bed, at night. He has been my favourite person on earth. He always wants good things for me.

On how they both handle fame, she said
“We manage. I know what my husband likes. I know what he does not like. So, I don’t go beyond his own advice. He has not disturbed me not to be a celebrity or not to go out. He likes me going out. He will even tell you what I saw you wearing that day was not good enough. When next when you are going out next time please change your style of dressing. Any time he sees me at an occasion, he always checks otu my dressing.
Whenever he sees me dressing well, he will commend me. He will say my darling, you are the best today. I like what you wore. Continue dressing that way. He will even ask, how much did you sew that dress? When I tell him, he will give me the money back. He is a nice person.”

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