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“I fear going to my maths class” | 18-year-old student commits suicide after being allegedly bullied by teacher

Nicole Mnguni, am 18-year-old Grade pupil at Vorentoe High School, has taken her own life  at her home in Klipspruit, South Africa after being allegedly bullied by her teacher.

Nicole committed suicide on Tuesday, January 8,  after returning from the school to pick up her report, which they allegedly refused to give to her.

See the hearbreaking note left by 18-year-old South African pupil who committed suicide after allegedly being bullied by teacher

Mnguni is said to be have been harassed and bullied by her teacher, against whom no action had been taken by the School despite their awareness of the situation.

Demanding justice, the victim’s mother, Jessica Mnguni told Soweto Urban, “Nicole is so bubbly but that woman killed her self-esteem, so she couldn’t take it. There was a time I went to the school, this teacher asked, are you Nicole’s mother?
“I said yes… She said your child, I was even shouting at her, she’s not doing well in class. I don’t know why she doesn’t drop it, and she’s not going to be anybody in life. I am not hurt, I am finished.”

Her friend, Mmathabo Makibelo, described her as an amazing soul who had a vision.

In her suicide note, Nicole states that she wants to have peace and be with her father. Read the note below:


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