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Reno Omokri reacts to Oyedepo’s comment on being dangerously wealthy

Reno Omokri has reacted to a statement made by Bishop David Oyedepo who recently debunked rumors that he receives money from politicians. According to the clergy man, he is dangerously wealthy and doesn’t share in any government booty.

He said, “I don’t share any booty from any government.

“I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth.”

Reacting to Oyedepo’s comment, Reno Omokri shared on Twitter:

“It saddens me when pastors boasts about how rich they are. Riches are an illusion. Once you boast about money, you no longer own the money . The money owns you. “Let the one who boast about this; that they have the understanding to know me, that i am the Lord”

reno omokri


Segun Adewole

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One Comment

    Some years ago when l was in primary school l used to wake up by 4.00am early in the morning to go and scout for water to bath and go to school.
    So one day l asked my mother why this early morning heck just because of school.
    She told me an adage in Yoruba; “Taaba ko omo tankole, omo taoko yo pada gbe ile tanko ta toba dola”. Meaning we don’t build children (cultured, given children formal and informal education) but spend all our time and resources building structures (building houses) the child that is left on build today will turn around tomorrow to sell off those structures at a very cheap price.
    More so, its obvious that the church of God in African and Nigeria in particular should learn from the church in USA and the great Britain. Their children were left unbuilt but put much strength in building Cathedrals but today those children are now selling off those structures to higher bidders.
    In Luke 21:6 Our Lord and Savour Jesus put less attention or emphasis on edifice or cathedral BUT more on human welfare development. No wonder within the space of three and a half years his achievement can never be rivals.
    The church with biggest cathedra (worth NBillions) is now the other of the day.
    Our children are left uncultured and unbuilt.
    Average church member’s children can not attend schools and universities built with church members tithes offerings because of exorbitant or outrageous school fees.
    Acts 6:3, John 21, 15, 17, Mark 6. 37, Luke 12:42
    Jesus and the early disciples did not pushed the early church members welfare and needs to the government. But set aside chunks of the church tithes and offerings to cater for Church Members needs and welfares.
    Members doesn’t even knew if there was anything call government in place.
    It was recorded that members were not lacking but every member was adequately cared for.
    Moreover, when the likes of Prof. Soyinka’s, Chinua Achebe etc, were been built in the 60s and 70s the houses and churches that were called edifice and cathedral then are not been refers to NOW as OUTDATED. While the like of Prof. Soyinka’s and etc who were nobody then are somebody of reputes and Honour today. They are now the likes that sneeze and the whole country vibrates.
    Can this be said of the church of today that Church members and Sinners are like welfare and development both physically and spiritually is our WORD WATCH AND MESSAGE as CHRIST will have it when alive?
    Rather the church leaderships are feeding fat, riding the latest Jeep, Jets, in Luxury and competing with politicians of the world and left the church members in abject poverty as sheep’s without Shepherd.
    We preached to the lowly to avoid worldly and worldliness but to the Preachers My God is rich and l must show Him off.
    What is the difference between Preachers and the Pharisees in Mathew 23: 13- 15, 23-29?
    Furthermore, its observed that Christ early ministry was all about human development and reconciling humanity back to God.

    My candid opinion or suggestions goes to CAN. Luke 16:8, Pro. 6:6
    The scripture enjoins us to go to ants or children of this world and learn.
    Since its not a crime for religious organization to own a Bank, just like Jaize Bank Christian also can established what can be refer to as Salem Bank.
    The next question is where will the fund comes from?
    The answer is CAN should compile the names of all the different churches all over Nigeria and categorise them into group.
    Say Group A
    Group B to Group E.
    Let churches like Dunamis, Redeem, Deeper life, MFM, Christ Embassy, Synagogue, falls into category A.
    Then Anglican, Catholic, Methods, CAC, ECWA, COCINS, etc falls into category B
    Then the like of Vice president, Governors, senators, Reps etc( Christian Politicians) falls into category C like that like that.
    Let those in category A give the church N10billions each, those in category B give us N7billion, All those in category C give us N50billion , those in other categories as the CAN deem fit. Our target is N200billion for Salem Bank starting capital.
    As in Acts 6:3, let can set up of Seven men of Honest report and full of Holy Ghost whom we may appoint over this business and let the project commence.
    The aims of the bank includes and many more,
    * Give Christians interest free loan…
    To run their business, pay children school fees, build houses, buy cars, etc
    * Cater to Christians welfare
    * Print more Bible
    * build more churches in the villages
    * Christian Research and Development
    This is actually not a law of medis and phasias that cannot be altered.
    It can be improved on.
    I concludes by saying A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.
    Keep sharing till it get to the relevant body.

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