People bashing me for my power supply joke are stupid – Comedian DeeOne

BBNaija season 3 housemate and Comedian, DeeOne was the subject of criticism on the internet during the past week for a badly received joke he told.

In the viral video, DeeOne talked about power supply in Nigeria and why Nigerians did not really need it 24/7. He was dragged by social media users for being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians but in this interview with Punch Newspaper, DeeOne insists it was sarcasm. He said, “It was sarcasm. There is nobody that doesn’t need electricity. Those bashing me for that post are very stupid because I’m not the government. If they want to bash anybody, it should be the government. I always tell people to use their gifts to address serious issues. Poor electricity supply is a very big problem in Nigeria and it’s part of the things setting us back. If people can channel their frustrations to the government with the same vigour (they attacked me online), I believe things will be much better. It’s only in Nigeria that we take comedians seriously and we take politicians as jokers. Trending on the Internet doesn’t give one money; it just puts you out there. And if it puts you out there, it then depends on what you’re able to do with the attention.”

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On his relationship with former Big Brother housemates, Dee one said, “I am cool with all of them. Friends will always fight, but after that, we try to reach a common ground and move forward. Personally though, I am done with all that Big Brother drama; that era has passed. Right now, I want to be known and addressed as a comedian, not as a former BBN contestant.”


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