Only God could have done this! Healed from a terrible ailment that has no cure…

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Yes, it could only have been the Lord , and HE alone , Who could heal man of a terrible ailment that medically, there seems to be no cure for yet.
I had struggled to get cure but it was out of sight.

But the Lord Jesus knew about all my struggles. HE came in and gave me new life.
I can say there is no friend like Jesus
I was diagnosed of having hepatitis B virus.
It was a report of death !

April 22nd 2015, I went for a confirmation test at the University College hospital ( UCH ) Ibadan.
I got same result
I was introduced to another Laboratory Scientist at same UCH and I had the same test done.
It was still Positive.
It was this man that told me all I needed to know about the virus and its implication.
I was told the virus causes cancer and it also destroys the liver.

He advised I went for two other tests to know if the virus was active or inactive and secondly to know if it was increasing or decreasing.
GOD, what could be more devastating than having an health issue that was like a battle you knew you wanted to fight but no victory at sight?

Prior to this new order, I had already known that the virus was very active in my body. This was because I had been having the symptoms like the black splashes all over my body, a yellowish urine , general weakness and frequent malaria.
Father Lord, I say thank You for the grace You made available to me to get connected to my healing.
On 13th January, 2016, Pastor E A Adeboye came for ministration in a program at the University of Ibadan.
I went, after I had sought to know if he was still the same Daddy G.O of the former days that would bring the Word of revelation down to the people and it would be confirmed.

When this was affirmed, I went with a solid faith to meet the Lord.
As Daddy G.O was preaching, he started prophesying.
I eagerly waited to hear about my own case .
And he said it that ‘ The Lord said, someone is here tonight, strangers that invaded your body will be arrested this very night ‘
Ah, Father Lord, You are too much, I cried.

I jumped up , claimed the prophecy and I shouted a very big A M E N
Only God could restore my soul and body.
Only God could heal without a recourse to drugs and yet no scars left
Only God could have done this
Only Him could do the impossible.
And HE rewrote my story like HE did for Naaman, the leper in the scriptures.

I went back to UCH and had the test done .I wanted to see if my faith worked and to know if the virus was still there and to know if the virus was still active.
The result showed it was no more active in my body.
That was how all the symptoms began to disappear – from the black splashes on my body to all the others.
Today, I am enjoying the new life and hope that my Lord Jesus promised those who believe in Him.

I thank God I did not follow religion but Christ Jesus
His Word and Blood cleansed me and made me whole
My joy could not be explained. I am totally free

Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani Blog. When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books.Email: [email protected]

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