Fear creeps in as sonogram video shows baby growing in the liver

A recent sonogram video depicting a baby growing in the liver of an expecting mother has left many including medical practitioners in shock

The sonogram, taken on December 13, 2018, shows the baby moving in the liver, rather than in the womb. The poster described it as Intra-hepatic cyesis (pregnancy in the liver).

The video left social media users in disbelief as they took to the platform to express their shock, asking questions to the doctor who shared the information.

A doctor later explained that it is possible but extremely rare.

Doctor @femtoba had tweeted:

Hepatic pregnancy isn’t abysmal but it’s very rare…like <1% incidence rate. Mechanism of its occurrence isn’t well spelt out but the woman must have had some of its predisposing factors such as previous chronic PID, previous Surgery to the uterus.

He added :

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That may have possibly linked the some part of the uterine wall, where the foetus should have normally been implanted, to retroperitoneal pouch that indirectly connects the liver. I can explain this tho but Too much unavoidable technical terms will make it hard to comprehend.

Meanwhile, Googlehas described Hepatic pregnancy as “a type of abdominal pregnancy which is extremely rare where the site of implantation is in the liver and it is associated with a very high mortality rate.”

Check out the reactions of Twitter users to the video of the sonogram;


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