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Only God could have done this! I was wanted at the police station

For the newbies, the KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others.

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My God is a great God
HE alone is God.
HE can save and HE can deliver.
HE delivered me from the snare of the fowler.
I am alive today because of His grace and mercy upon my life.
I closed from work one day and I was buying something by the roadside.
Little did I know that I was going into a lion’s den that day.
Two men, dressed in police uniform accosted me and arrested me in a broad day light.
‘ What did I do ? ‘
I was wanted at the police station.
Nobody among the onlookers could help me.
That was how I was taken somewhere else under a drowsy state .
I was feeling dizzy. But God was in control.
The place I was taken to was well lit.
It was a large warehouse.
One could see what was going on in at virtually every place there.
I could see some people ‘s heads they had removed from necks
I was brought into a line of victims caught like me.
We queued up to collect concoction to drink after which one would be asked some questions as to one’s name, family background etc
Those before me had their heads cut after giving our captors the information asked for.
I told them my name as other person did. However, I found myself telling them where they picked me up from, at Ibadan and that they should take me back there.
On hearing this, they gave me second doze of the ‘ special ‘ water we were being served
The same questions were repeated and I also answered as before.
And for the third time, the same process of asking and answering same questions came about .
This was also after I had been served another round of their water.
To be true, I felt I was dozing.
Later, I perceived the water was given us to make us unconscious and to indicate our status of whether to be offered or not.
They set me apart and brought me before a higher authority.
A woman !
She was like a queen , fair in completion
The dose was again given to me in her presence.
I repeated my words , ‘ Take me back to where you took me or else there would be problem’
They realized their charm had failed to work on me because I did not completely lose my senses.
This showed them I might not be easy meat for them.
The woman then began to seduce me trying every ploy to make me lose my stand in Christ.
All along I was praying
I had just got married few weeks before the encounter.
And I worked as a teacher
To God be the glory, great things HE had done and was doing and yet to do for me in this place of terror.
When all their attempts failed to work on me, I had to be released , but not without making a replacement for me.
The two men who brought me into their coven were called, served the water and had their heads cut off their necks.
Their offense was bringing wrong fellow to them.
They had no choice but to take me out.
After I was taken out from there, those to take me back and I were transferred into about four vehicles to get to where they were taking me.
I found myself at Ede in Osun state from Ibadan in Oyo state.
Truly , I passed through the deep waters and through the furnace of life, the Lord kept me.
I could not help myself to explain myself out to everyone at the point of ‘ arrest ‘
The people at the place could not help me to challenge them because my captors made it look as if I was a run away criminal
Honestly, who would have stuck his neck to save me in such circumstance?
Only God could have done this. And HE did it
I was driven in the valley of the shadow of death
The Lord looked upon me with mercy.
And HE brought me out of the pit.
I was held for a few days.
But I came out
From Ede , I called my wife and I was reunited with my people again.
God revealed hidden things and still does
Some weeks before the attack , a brother in the church who happens to be my friend had had some premonition of some sort. He, however, could not lay his hands as to who and the form the problem would happen
Prayers were raised for some days concerning the issue and the heavens heard.
I am alive today because the Lord kept me


Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani Blog. When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books.Email: [email protected]

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