I asked God to stop me from waking the next morning – Emma Ugolee recounts cancer scare

Media personality, Emma Ugolee has narrated how he almost gave up on life after discovering a lump that later turned out to benign.

Ugolee who recently beat a kidney disease that almost claimed his life admitted that he had gotten tired of the situation and especially didn’t know how to share another health failure with his mother.

Read his Instagram post:

“God is faithful, & he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear” 1st Corinthians 10:13

I hope I can remind you this morning of the whole truth in these words from telling you this true life story of mine.

I had mentioned spending 18days in the hospital some weeks back.
It was the hardest 18days ever but 6 out of those days were indescribably torturous because I was waiting for the results of a biopsy.
One of the procedures I had done was called a conoloscopy. They removed 2 lumps from the large intestines called polyps.
The doctor explained that polyps can be cancerous or not but sadly, 1 of them in shape & size suggested it was cancerous from his experience. So while we waited for confirmation, I recieved material to read on understanding colon cancer.

Smiling with his hand on my shoulder : “Be cool, we caught it early and would check every 3years” he said to me who was smiling back at him while the hottest tears my cheeks have ever felt waited for him to shut the door

Haba now? How? Me? Cancer? It felt too unreal. I just knew I couldn’t handle this one. No way. Who was going to tell my mother that I had cancer too? The week earlier she was happy my lungs, liver and heart were certified to be in great shape and the kidney chapter was about to be closed. How do we flip open a cancer chapter after that?

I wont lie to you, I was certain that my patience, strength & faith had finally come to the breakage bustop. Stupidly, I asked God to please give her the strength to bear it and stop me from waking up the next morning.
Well, He ignored my foolishness & kept waking me up every morning. The 6th day came. Every body that opened that door made my heart skip

Finally, my doctor walks in. I shut my eyes coz I didn’t want to read his expression. His words fell on my ears “Mr Ugolee! They were benign”
Be-what? “Benign. No trace at all of cancer. I’m suprised”

The joy, you cannot imagine. God knew i couldn’t take it and didn’t let it close

Your worst nightmare would have no business with reality by His grace &
however scary the weight of the load on your shoulder is at the moment, it is there momentarily because you can carry it.


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