How angry crowd shut down Rotimi Amaechi at a programme in Abuja

The Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, was left disgraced earlier today November 22nd,2018 at a function in Abuja .

Amaechi was a panelist at the Osasu Show Symposium which held in Abuja and he was to speak on Transportation in Nigeria and also the Buhari-led government however, just when he wanted to give his speech, the crowd at the event shut him down

Obviously uninterested in whatever the politician had to say, the massive crowd began chanting ‘sit down, sit down”.

Upon realizing that they did not want to hear him speak after several attempts, he was forced to hand over the microphone as the crowd refused to stop.

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Watch a clip from the scene below


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  1. This man is the last man that should be ever considered forfor the post of DG of a presidential campaign outfit. His leadership of the campaign could cost Buhari massive vote. He is so loathed for his arrogance,self conceit and over estimation of self. He would be a liability

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