Checkout how Rita Dominic set records after her phone number got leaked

It’s no longer news that Rita Dominic’s phone number was leaked after a hacker hacked the Instagram account of former BBNaija reality TV star, Nina.

In the process of leaking the chats contained in the IG account, the account exposed Rita Dominic’s phone number in chats she had with Nina. Chats between Nina and actor IK Ogbonna also got leaked.

The actress has since taken to Twitter to cry out that she has been added to 1000 WhatsApp groups.

While reacting to a Twitter user who revealed that Rita’s number has been to her mum’s WhatsApp group, the actress wrote: ‘I am a member of over 1000 groups now.  Good morning everyone.’

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We believe she must have unofficially set at least two WhatsApp records…

  • The person that has been added to the highest number of Whatsapp group in Nigeria or perhaps Africa
  • The first person to be added to over 1000 Whatsapp groups in less than 48 hours





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