What Bishop Oyedepo told Pastor Enenche concerning critics of his 100,000 seater church

Ever since the launch of a 100,000 seater capacity church auditorium by Dunamis pastor, Paul Enenche, many have been critical of the decision to build such an edifice. Some quarters have claimed that it is industries Nigeria needs and not religious houses.

However, Bishop David Oyedepo has issued a word of advice to Pastor Enenche over the criticism coming his way since the launch. Read below .

The greatest headache of the devil is the growth and expansion of the Church.
There is a deliberate plan by the gates of hell against the Church.

We must live a spiritual battle ready life.
When Israel was growing in number in the land of Egypt, all hell broke loose including killing of children.
That did not stop God.
For anybody to imagine that people gathered like this in those days was unthinkable.

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Those days if ‘500’ people came to Church. We would say ‘the whole world came’.

Now if 1000 attend, some will say ‘this Church is not growing’.
However if you don’t celebrate God for one, you won’t see 2.
If you don’t celebrate God for 10, you never see 100.’
The Church is the light of the world and the greatest threat to the existence of darkness is light.
The greatest enemy of Church Growth is the devil himself.
1 Thessalonians 2:18
I release the supernatural Church Growth Grace on every Ministry and Denomination.

Whatever cannot stop the Church from praying cannot stop the Church from growing.
God hates waste! If he won’t fill this building, he won’t have built it.
God will fill it with your cooperation and participation.

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The day you stop engaging the forces of Church Growth, God will stop.
Be careful with this pulpit.
Jealously guard the mandate of God upon your life.
It does not take time to scatter.
It only takes time to build.
Your Father (David Oyedepo) is on the go and he is still on the Go.
Be careful!
I know what God sent me and I am answerable to Him.
Canaanland is filled 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th times on Sundays.
Tents outside carry more (52,000) than inside the Tabernacle (50,000).
The Church of Christ in Nigeria is by Divine Privilege leading the Global Awakening Today.

Bishop oyedepo



  1. About this church issue, I feel as long as it is a place were God’s children meet then we should not criticize the building or the money spent. I know most Nigerians are overly reliant on pastors and churches and I don’t blame them because my people if you know the evil things going on in this country you would weep for it. Am not talking about politicians stealing money or all those bad news that has become normal to our ears am talking about pure evil things that evil people are doing on a daily basis. I watched a very graphic video recently were a guy was stabbing a girl with absolute disgust and no consience at all as if she was a goat, just to use for rituals and buy benx and carry other girls. The video mase me weep for human beings especially in Nigeria and how wicked they can be. It also made me realize just how real the spiritual is, believe it or not this things are real. Am not saying pastors should be given the go ahead to do whatever they want and buy anything they like and am not also exonerating them because some of them are also evil, looking to dupe naive christians, what am saying is that in the long haul also ask yourself if these pastors have been impactful in the life of Nigerians spiritually, if so leave them to be judged by God. If you don’t believe in tithe then don’t pay, but don’t come and be disturbing people who do because you don’t know what God has been saving them from. And p.s – No true pastor forces any one to give any one who does so issa fraud.
    Regran from

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