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Albhagdadi slams people criticizing Churches for not building industries

An Instagram user by the name Albhagdadi has slammed all those who criticize Churches for building large auditoriums. Since the launching of a 100,000 seater-capacity Church auditorium by Dunamis pastor, Paul Enenche, many critics have slammed Christianity with claims that the religion ought to be building industries instead of Church buildings.

Reacting to the criticisms forwarded to the Church, Albhagdadi labeled such as coming from hypocrites.

He wrote:

”Not to hold brief for these pastors, but all those criticizing churches for building large auditoriums are often hypocrites. They love to ask to be shown where Jesus and his disciples owned private jets in the Bible, yet they can’t show us where the same Jesus and his disciples built schools, bought weapons for the military and built industries in the Bible.

The only problem I have with the gigantic church auditoriums is that the true gospel of salvation is not being preached in them. What they preach is works based salvation instead of Saved by Grace Alone Through Faith in Jesus. Ephesians 2:8-9

If the gospel of Once Saved Always Saved is not preached in those large auditoriums, then the gathering in such buildings is just a congregation of hell-bound people.”


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